Thursday, February 2, 2012


Thanks again to everyone for turning out this past weekend! With your help we were able to raise almost $200 for the Richmond NACCCs. Hope everyone involved had a good time. Here are some of the results:

1 - Coach (first overall and first fixed)
1 - (unofficial) - "Team in it to Win It" - Stu/Jeff
2 - Khadir
3 - Jason Buda
4 - Neil
5 - Paul Joyner
6 - Nate
7 - Mike P
8 - ?
9 - Kate
10 - Slavko
11 - Kevin Redman
12 - Patrick
13 - AZ
14 - Bruce

After that everything gets a little hazy. Lots of lost manifests and weird results. But we'd like to thank everyone who came to support us from out of town. Patrick, Sean, Jeremy and Kevin from Baltimore, Jeff from Philly and Stu from Richmond. Also thanks for all out checkpoint workers and other volunteers, without you guys this wouldn't have worked.

We'd also like to thank all our sponsors, especially Seagull and Dodici for the main prizes.

Some awesome people took some great photos of the race. Check out Gwadzilla's album on Facebook and Kevin Dillards photos on Also, keep your eyes peeled for an article in this weeks City Paper!!

Thanks once again to everyone involved. This was our first race and it went better than we could have expected. We learned a lot of lessons and look forward to coming back bigger and better than ever!


-Steve and Danny

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  1. I think I finished 10th.... I rode with Slavko and finished in front of him

    which may solve the issue with the question mark